Not only is St Barts one of the most beautiful islands in the world but it also has more gorgeous luxury villas for its size than anywhere else in the world. We live in a face paced world where everyone needs more time, and when we do have some hard-earned vacation time, it is essential that we make the right choices. So, when there are so many amazing villas on one small island, how on earth do you choose the best one?

Figure 1 St Barts from the sky

The first step is to choose the right vacation rental provider.  So, what are the most important things to consider and what should you look out for? The first thing is to choose a company who can provide you with unbiased and expert advice.  It is essential that all the villas have been professionally vetted and that the company you choose have been in business for a reasonable time period and has a good number of client testimonials.  The other thing to look out for is whether the company provide a complimentary concierge service. Booking a holiday is not just about the accommodation and flights. You want to ensure that all aspects of the holiday run smoothly and that you also get to have all the experiences of your dreams.  Choose a company who is essentially committed to making your dreams come true.

But if you want to do some of your research in advance, here is a list of the top (  St Barts Villas that have been already inspected and vetted by the team at Exceptional Villas (

Figure 2 Villa Vitti St Barts

Villa Vitti in St Barts is definitely one of the Islands most impressive villas. It also has one of the best locations on St Barts overlooking the famous Shell Beach and is just minutes from the capital of Gustavia. The décor is super luxurious, but our favorite areas of the villa is without a doubt the infinity pool and stunning views. Villa Vitti is one of the best places in St Barts to enjoy the sunset. With 5 bedrooms, it is perfect for a special occasion such as a small wedding, anniversary or birthday party.  It even comes with its own underground discotheque!


Figure 3 Villa Joy St Barts

Villa joy is another one of our top ten choices in St Barts. It has 6 bedrooms and has views to die for. The location of the villa perched on a hillside overlooking Marigot Bay ensures that you have completely panoramic vistas of the ocean and coastline. The infinity pool is perfect for enjoying a cooling dip whilst also taking in the view. The central location of Villa Joy is a great base to enjoy all the islands gorgeous beaches whilst also being nicely secluded, so you can enjoy the peace and beauty of the island.


Figure 4 Villa June St Barts

Villa June in St Barts is one of the newest villas on the block. I have always said that villas on St Barts just keep getting better each year and this is a perfect example.  St Barts doesn’t have a bad view anywhere, but the views from Villa June are simply the best.  The infinity pool is so cleverly built that it is difficult to differentiate pool from the sea. The effect is sublime.


Figure 5 Axel Rocks St Barts

Axel Rocks Villa St Barts is another brand-new addition, and it most definitely deserves mention in the islands top 8 villas list. If you like to be walking distance to all the action, then its location in the heart of Gustavia is hard to beat. Yet despite its easy access to all the fabulous shops and restaurants, when you are in the villa, you will feel like are completely cosseted from the world. Axel Rocks is a breathtaking example of modern architecture with clean lines and incredible pieces of unique artwork. If you are looking for something extremely special, you will need to look no further.


Figure 6 legends B St Barts

As a lover of all things fashion, Legends B Villa St Barts is a particular favourite of mine as each of the bedrooms are designed around a famous fashion house.  Some of the designers include Louis Vuitton, Channel, Bulgari and Hermes.  Legends B has a great location close to Gustavia which is particularly appropriate if you want to hit the shops!!


Figure 7  Villa Lital St Barts

Lital is one of the most beautiful contemporary villas in St Barts. With the clever use of floor to ceiling glass, it has an almost transparent feel which in turn ensures the most spectacular views from nearly every corner of the house.  Villa Lital has a hillside location overlooking the stunning turquoise waters of Anse des Cayes. With 7 bedrooms, the villa makes a great retreat for a special occasion or for a multi-generational family get-together or anyone who is looking for something extra special.


Figure 8 Villa Neo St Barts

The recently built villa Neo is located in the islands most sought after district of St Jean. It is a great party house as it has 6 beautiful bedrooms and expansive entertaining spaces.  Villa Neo even has its own discotheque. The villa has been built to take full advantage of the beautiful light in St Barts with the use of soaring ceilings and floor to ceiling glass windows.   The contemporary décor has been beautifully offset with eye-catching pieces of art.


Figure 9 Ixfalia St Barts

Ixfalia has two main distinctions. It is one of the highest located villas on the island of St Barts and therefore has some of the best views. It also has a unique interior design with an almost African Safari come beachside theme. Sounds crazy but it really works. In fact, it works so well, that we had to include it in our top 8 villas list. The garden at Ixfalia is worth a special mention as it is absolutely gorgeous with a lovely pool and chockablock full of sweet-smelling tropical flowers


Alexandra Baradi is the owner and CEO of Exceptional Villas who are one of the worlds most trusted villa vacation rental companies. They only feature personally inspected and 100 per cent vetted villas.  Exceptional Villas are also considered to be one of the world’s most trusted villa rental companies.