Who Should you Back in the U.S Masters?

The U.S Masters tournament is not only one of the most prestigious golfing tournaments of all-time, but it is also one of the oldest, having been played every April since 1934. It was founded by at-the-time amateur champion and lawyer Bobby Jones, who is now hailed as one of professional golf’s most influential figures.

Last year’s tournament was won by Sergio Garcia, when both he and rival Justin Rose completed the course in nine-under-par and played a sudden death playoff as a result. This was actually Garcia’s first U.S Masters victory, and it’s unlikely it’ll be his last. However, the one to beat in terms of most Master’s victories is golfing legend Jack Nicklaus, who managed to win the tournament an incredible six times during his career. Who could possibly be the next golfer to claim his title?

Considering the U.S Masters is one of the oldest golfing tournaments, it has developed an array of traditions throughout its history. For example, the infamous green jacket that is presented to the winner each year was first introduced in 1949, and the champions dinner (an invite-only event that’s held every Tuesdaybefore the tournament commences), is only available to previous winners of the Masters and board members. Another, which appeared in 1963, involves a former champion or a golfing legend hitting the first tee shot on the course to begin the tournament.

With a prize of an impressive £11 million rewarded to the winner, every golfer playing in the tournament, from veteran Tiger Woods to first-timer at the Masters Matt Parziale, has to ensure they perform at their best to stand a chance at bringing home the cash and their very own green jacket. However, which golfer should you choose to place your money on? Use this quiz to help figure out who you should take a gamble with. You can research US Masters betting tips to understand the odds more.