Will the Coronavirus Change the Destinations of Expats?

For many years now, the life of expats, who were brought to work in another country, was one of luxury. Not only did their accommodation fit this description but the cities they lived in could also be considered luxurious. Places like New York City, Paris and London were attractive for these new talents that were coming up. But the sanitary crisis has changed the rules in all industry, and expats may find themselves in brand new environments soon.

A Complete Change of Mentality

There is nothing like a major crisis to shake the tree of everyone’s beliefs. That is also true of corporations who were sailing smoothly, and which saw that calm sea turned into a full tempest in a matter of a few days. Now that the hurricane is slowly passing us, many are reconsidering their whole lives. Living in a major cosmopolitan city like London might be great when life is its usual self, but having to be in lockdown at home in a small apartment for a long period of time will make you question the real advantages the city has to offer.

Luxury is rapidly changing. Countries like Estonia and Barbados have quickly understood that and are trying to entice companies to establish themselves in these more natural environments, which is what most people are now looking for. However, leaving a luxurious city like NYC, does not mean that living in high standards will stop. In fact, a luxury household staff agency is noticing this new tendency and they are enabling their clients to relocate while keeping their standards of living, thanks to competent household staff.

Moments of Change Require Competent Staff around Us

The expats who will relocate will need to have competent people around them, so that the change doesn’t affect their time and their ability to do their work. Having a House Manager that can take care of the move will be of significant help. In fact, it can be the difference between continuing a normal life and having to stop to reconfigure it somewhere else. Those who don’t already have one should definitely think of hiring such a person before they start making their relocation. That way, the House Manager can understand your need and facilitate the life change by handling the things you would have to.

High-quality household staff will be even more important this year and for as long as this moment of change will take place. No one really knows today at which point life will go back to normal, or even what the new normal will be. But with quality people around you to handle the various tasks in the house, your life will still make sense and you’ll be able to go about your own tasks naturally.